The Egg Came First?

Eggs and incubator were brought to my school by A & B Homestead. 3 types of chicken eggs were being incubated in a Harris Farms Nurture Right 360: Egyptian Fayoumis, Brown Indio Gigante, and White French Bresse. The eggs were incubated and rotated for 18 days. On the last 3 days, the incubator went into lock down to allow the chickens to hatch. The incubator could not be opened during that time so that the egg membrane didn’t dry out and shrink wrap the chick. If that happens, the chicken can’t move and hatch out of the egg. The first hole in the egg is called a “pip.” The chick will rest and then make a zip, a line opening around the top of the egg. It was a lot of fun to watch the chicks fall asleep, wake up, and then move all around the incubator. After 21 days, the chicks are ready to be removed and moved to a new home.